We are offering a fundraising opportunity to anyone interested in raising funds for

  • special projects
  • school trips
  • clubs and organizations
  • sport teams

We are a service based business that teaches adults and children from all talent levels how to paint in social settings.

We provide all the supplies and instruct participants step by step how to create their artwork that they can then take home to display.

Bake sales are nice but a lot of work for little return and Galas can be very expensive and time consuming. A paint night is as easy as picking a date, telling all your friends and family to join you if they can, then sit back and enjoy the night while we take care of the rest. 

Most of our events are held in bars and restaurants where artists in training can relax and enjoy a drink while learning.  Most of our clients are female, however many couples are choosing these types of nights out for a date night.

The cost per person is $45 for a 16” x 20” canvas event OR $50 for a 13.5” x 24” wood panel project. 

For every ticket sold by your fundraising efforts we would give back at least $15 to the group.


Up to 20 participants    –     $15    from each ticket sold will go to the fundraising effort

21-39 participants       –     $17.50   from each ticket sold will go to the fundraising effort

40+ participants      –       $20   from each ticket sold will go to the fundraising effort


Once the date/time/project/venue is determined –we will create an event on our website for participants to go and purchase tickets with credit cards or PayPal.  Fundraisers can also collect cash for tickets but your organizers will be responsible for the collection and communication of these tickets that are sold.  

If you do not have a specific venue in mind, we partner with many different restaurants and bars – some are also kid friendly if needed.

We require a 10 person minimum and not a lot of notice, as long as the date works with the both of us.



If there is not at least 10 participants signed up for your event by the time of your event


and ALL raised funds will be forfeited by your group

All paid participants will be given promo codes to attend different future events that we offer 


If you have any questions or concerns – please contact us at


We also offer a VIRTUAL FUNDRAISING option that will allow your guests to attend any of our scheduled events and you still get the $15.00 credit for your cause. We create a code for your fundraiser and you get all your guests to use it, which can be set for as long as you wish. If you have a large school fundraiser that might require 6-8 months worth of Fundraising, we have you covered. We have many different projects to choose from and we are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve. Which could mean your guests could attend multiple classes from wood panel boards, canvas, wine glasses, t-shirts ceramics and a few more special projects around Christmas. No limits on what you could make, 100% free and you can save so much time.