Design Your Sign – Sisters Pub & Grill (Lethbridge) – Monday February 4th

Design Your Sign – Sisters Pub & Grill (Lethbridge) – Monday February 4th

$ 45.00$ 60.00

This event starts at 7pm and ends around 9pm, please read all instructions below to choose and or design your stencil


1st – You must choose a board style to paint on in the drop down menu, this is how price is determined .

2nd – click the BLUE – Customize Button and then scroll down after the page loads to customize your stencil. You can choose a pre-designed stencil, click the button choose from designs then choose A- pre made design, or design your own custom stencil from scratch.

PLEASE NOTE: PICK THE CORRECT BOARD TO DESIGN ON, EITHER HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL OR YOUR DESIGN WILL BE LOST IF YOU CHANGE BOARDS DURING THE DESIGN PROCESS. You will design on either one of these but your stencil will be customized to which ever board you pick from the drop down menu.

For easiest designing, PLEASE USE A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP, not recommended to create your stencil on your cell phone or ipad.


Tip: for every line of text – create a new text box then add to design.

After you have placed your image, click away from the image or off to the side of the image to then add another image, or text box to continue your design. Each box reflects it’s own image or text box when designing. Stencil material can be cut at the event and placed anywhere when painting.

You may use more than 1 image or clipart to design your picture. Drag and drop to move your image and use arrows in bottoms right hand corner to size image. The smaller the text the harder to stencil, the script can be thin or skinny but just remember to then make it larger on your board. Try not to put small writing unless the script is wider/fatter. We cannot edit the image after it is ordered except to size it to fit board size, so please make sure your image is how you want it.

Please also try not to stack images but if you do, understand that the image will print the outline of what you have designed.

Once your design is complete – Add to Cart and Checkout  – You will also have to fill out your profile to complete the Checkout process

This requires you to fill in your contact info – create a password and agree to our terms and conditions

All paint colours will be chosen at the event

Any further questions please email or Call 403-603-3188, we are here to help.

I can also design just about anything for you if you are having a challenge or have an image you want to recreate. Please email me with your design ideas and I will do my best to help. Purchase must be made first in order for me to custom design your stencil. If you choose this option just choose your board style from the drop down menu and then leave the image part blank.

Happy Designing

814 – 7th ave S


Additional information

Board Style

4 Panel Offset 13.5"x24", 4 Panel Original 13.5"x24", Flat Framed 11"x24", Square Framed 11"x12"