Design Your Sign – Coach and Horses Ale House – Friday June 21st

Design Your Sign – Coach and Horses Ale House – Friday June 21st

$ 40.00

This event starts at 7pm and ends around 9pm at Coach and Horses Ale House

Board size is 13.5″ x 24″

Scrabble Tiles are 3.5″ x 3.5″ You get 12-15 tiles per ticket ordered.

Please choose a stencil from the “Choose a Stencil” drop down menu below.

If you would like to create the Scrabble Tile project – please select “Scrabble Tiles” from the “Choose a Stencil” drop down menu and enter the letters you would like in the “Custom Saying” field

If you would like to customize your design, please choose “design my own” from the drop down menu and follow the instructions at the bottom of this page. We have lots of pre-designed stencils as well in our customizer, under a pre-made designed.


The actual colours of your sign are chosen at your specific event – so for now, just focus on what you want your sign to say.

As your event approaches start to think about the colours that you would like to use and our artist will guide you to your completed project – consider things like where you plan to hang it

From the drop down menu marked “CHOOSE A STENCIL” you can select a pre-designed saying and the image will show what it looks like

If you would like to do that exact image just simply add it to your cart and checkout


If you would like to Design Your Own Unique Sign please choose “DESIGN YOUR OWN


For best results PLEASE USE A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP, not recommended to create your stencil on your cell phone or tablet

Click the BLUE – Customize Button and then scroll down after the page loads to customize your stencil

Next  – Select your board orientation – Horizontal or Vertical – by clicking on the actual small picture shown and a larger version will appear

This will be your reference for the approximate layout for your sign


At any time – you can take a quick Guided Tour of the Designer – by clicking on 

Now time to get CREATIVE

You can ADD TEXT  – by clicking on the “A”

Tip #1 – for every line of text – create a new text box then add to design. This way you can space it on the board how you would like it to look.  You can change fonts and font sizes

Tip #2 – the smaller the text, the harder to stencil, the script can be thin/ skinny but just remember to then make it larger on your board. Try not to put small writing unless the script is wider/ fatter.  Unfortunately – we cannot edit your image after it is ordered.

You can also ADD IMAGES – by clicking on the following

This will access our library of images that you can place on your sign – just click on the image and it will appear on your larger board.

These will need to be re-sized or turned to fit into your design and physically on the board

Use arrows in bottoms right hand corner to size image.

PLEASE NOTE – You may use more than (1) image to design your sign but please try not to stack images or text because the image will print the outline of what you have designed

After you have placed each image/ text box, click away or off to the side.

Again the placement is approximate – if at the event, your stencil doesn’t line up exactly like you had in mind – we can cut it out and it can be placed anywhere prior to painting

Once your happy with your design  – just click Add to Cart and Checkout 

You will also have to fill out your profile to complete the Checkout process

This requires you to fill in your contact info – create a password and agree to our terms and conditions

Happy Designing!

As a last resort – if you are having a challenge or have seen an image / sign that you want to recreate.  Select “EMAIL COMMUNICATION” from the drop down menu – then Add to Cart and Checkout then email me at with your design ideas and I will do my best to help. Images that are black & white and that are straight on work best

If you have any further questions or concerns –  please email or Call 403-603-3188, we are here to help.

Additional information


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